Why my phone breaking is a good thing

I am terrified about how my life will revert when I have my phone back. I enjoy being anonymous to an extent. I like my uninterrupted train journeys. I like the relationships I’ve changed with my friends. The thing I fear most is become the zombie I used to be. The one who could spend hours at a time glued to their phone. The one who couldn’t spend 20 minutes talking to their mum without checking their phone. When I have my technology back I vow, I will not rely on it. I will see it as acceptable to put the damn technological brick down and engage. I will do more with my hands, I will create. I will utilise technology but it will no longer rule me.Image Description: A tattoo I’ve done recently. The focus I now have allowed me to start a tattoo I never would have dreamed of doing in the past


23 life lessons in 23 years

1. There are few things that cannot be solved by sitting down with a cup of tea

2. See every path through to the end and then find the next path 

3. You are worthy of self love

4. The hardest journeys don’t always have the best rewards, keep looking

5. It’s okay to say ‘no’

6. It’s okay to say ‘yes’

7. There is never a right time to say something. Say it before it’s too late

8. Learn what makes you happy and do more of it

9. There can be too much of a good thing

10. Trust your friends when they tell you they’re there for you

11. Be there for them as well, they need you too

12. It’s okay to ask for help

13. Don’t let fear hold you back, it only gets in the way

14. There’s a good book out there for everyone, find yours

15. Let yourself have a lie in sometimes, your body might need it

16. Phone the ones you love more often, they won’t be around forever

17. Always know your bus and train route home

18. Learn how to defend yourself

19. Pick your battles, some aren’t worth getting into

20. Eat your damn vegetables, your body needs them

21. One ‘bad’ meal won’t make you fat, just like one ‘good’ meal won’t make you skinny. Go on, treat yo damn self

22. Help others when you can, whether it’s a conversation or food. Donate your time, you’ll feel valuable in the long run and help someone who needs it

23. If there’s something you want to achieve, work for it. No-one worth knowing got where they are without determination 

My Skin Is Mine

I like my body. My body is jiggly, and curvy and covered in imperfections. And yet, it is mine; it is adorned with markings I chose and some I didn’t. My body has scars and cellulite and wobbles when I walk. My body is mine, it has fought for 23 years for me to love it. It has loved me and supported me even when I refused to do the same for it. The jiggle when I walk comes from me trying to improve myself and be healthier. The cellulite on my thighs is from woman-hood, an honour I accept graciously. The stretch marks across my chest come from becoming a woman and my vain attempts to shun it. I have scars from when I did not appreciate the skin I was in. My body is strong and powerful, my body supports me and lifts me up when I fall; it lies me down when I need rest. My body has tolerated everything I’ve put it through, the chemicals and substances, and yet it still stands by me. I feel my body ready to fail me through no fault of it’s own. I feel my hips start to ache and my back stiffen and I know that if I gave my body half the love it gives me it can be strong once again. My body is sacred, and can create life. My body can create another similar to itself and while at this time I do not want this, I can accept that my body can do this. I’ve heard the phrase ‘your body is your temple’ but only in recent months have I been willing to accept this. Yes, my body is a temple. I am the god it is dedicated to. Because if my body can survive every abuse I throw at it, I owe my body the respect to love it. My body is not perfect, far from the ideal standard or my own, but my body is my body nonetheless and I love it for everything it is.


The aim of this blog is purely to satisfy all of my narcissistic tendencies. I’m planning to feature:

  • my artwork
  • my personal style
  • successes and struggles in life
  • items and articles relating to my interests (mostly music, art, style)

It only seems fitting to carry on this introduction with who the hell I actually am.

My name is Cara-Jade Frankenstein and I’m a junior tattoo artist based in the South West of England. A lot of who I am is kept relatively private and as part of trying to be open about myself I am creating a little space on the internet for myself to be truly honest.